F  A  Q

Do I need a prepayment? 

No, you don’t.

How is the payment? 

You will pay after the photoshoot. You can use cash, credit card or PayPal. More information

How long will the photo processing take?

Photos will be ready within 1 day. You will receive a link to the Google disk and you will be able to view or download photos on the same day (the link opens the photo gallery, no additional registration is necessary) Also, I will duplicate the archive with photos to your mail.

And yet, all the photos are stored on my server for 1 year and you can always write to me and request resubmission of photos.

Which car will we go to the photoshoot? 

Car comfort-class – Nissan quest. The transfer works mild climate control.

What does professional photo processing mean? 

This means that all photos are processed through the program Adobe. The quality of the photo improves, the colors become brighter and richer, and all the defects of the image are reduced to nothing.  For example

It is possible to make a photo session with a wedding arch or with a ceremony? 

Of course! I cooperate with the whole wedding team, which has been engaged in wedding ceremonies for several years. You can put a separate arch, order a rare wedding car or hold a full-fledged wedding ceremony! More information


Any questions? 

Contact me